Lets face it - Accidents are part of sport, but there is a way you can protect yourself financially.


We are told that regular participation in sport is good for your health. It can help keep you fit, keep your mind sharp and get your heart racing. You will also develop new friendship groups along the way and share unforgettable moments of triumph, and failure.

But by putting your body on the line, it puts you at greater risk of injury and when injury happens, it can cost you financially. You may need to take time off work to recover, you may need help getting around or there may be damaged equipment that needs repair or replacement.


Whenever your favourite pastime starts costing you like this, it starts to become less enjoyable. Rather than enjoying the moment, you start fearing the worst. This is why we offer a Sports Accident Plan. It’s for the sporting warriors just like you – who want to enjoy sports knowing that if a serious accident takes place, you will get money to help with your costs.


All sports including Gaelic Football and Hurling are covered except the following:

  • All combat sports

  • All winter sports races

  • Mountaineering

  • Cresta run luge, ice swimming, shooting, ultra running (48hrs plus in duration), arm wrestling, Australian rules, base jumping, big walling, canoeing/kayaking/rafting (above grade 5), deep water soloing, downhill skating, fly boarding, free climbing/running, gravity biking, jet lev, kite skiing/ snowboarding, microlight flying, paragliding (without instructor), parkour, sand dune buggying, Segway polo, speed flying, TA training